Crossfire, LLC

Filing Date
December 6, 2021
Case Number
Southern District of Texas

Assets: $100M-$500M

Liabilities: $100M-$500M


On December 06, 2021 Crossfire, LLC filed for chapter 11 protection in the Southern District of Texas. This case has been assigned to Bankruptcy Judge David R Jones. The Petition states funds will be available to Unsecured Creditors.

Debtor Represented by:

Matthew D Cavenaugh

Jackson Walker LLP

Debtor Address:

820 Airport Road

Durango, CO 81303

Crossfire, LLC

Oil and Gas Exploration Services,Sewerage Systems

Delta Directional LLC does horizontal drilling, using 5 machines to install gas pipelines, fiber optics lines, water and sewer lines, and other underground transport lines. Since January 2001, Delta Directional has drilled 3,182 bores and completed 244 projects, with pipe sizes ranging from 2" to 42" and crossings of up to 5,300 feet. We take on all types of formations, including marsh, clay, sand, cobble and rock. Delta Directional has drilled successfully in rock formations with compressive strengths ranging from 5,000 psi to 57,000 psi. Delta's in-house welding and fabricating shop provides cutters, reamers and special tooling in a cost-efficient manner for our customers' jobs.

Crossfire, LLC

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