• June 13, 2021

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    Washington Prime Management Associates, LLC


    Washington Prime Management Associates, LLC and affiliates filed for chapter 11 protection in the Southern District of Texas. This case has been assigned to Bankruptcy Judge Marvin Isgur The Petition states funds will be available to Unsecured Creditors.

Assets: $1B-$10B
Liabilities: $1B-$10B
Affiliated Entities:
Westshore Plaza II LLC Whitemak Associates KI-Whitemak Associates, LLC KI-Henderson Square Associates, L.P. KI-Henderson Square Associates, LLC Lima Center, LLC Lakeview Plaza (Orland), LLC WTM Stockton, LLC WPG Wolf Ranch, LLC WPG Northtown Venture LLC Jefferson Valley Center LLC Keystone Shoppes, LLC Greenwood Plus Center, LLC WPG Rockaway Commons, LLC WPG Management Associates, Inc. Washington Prime Property Limited Partnership Washington Prime Management Associates, LLC West Town Corners, LLC
Represented by:
Veronica Ann Polnick
Jackson Walker, LLP

180 East Broad Street
Colombus, OH 43215
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