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Acute Management, LLC Jointly Administered under 23-90342.

Filing Date
May 15, 2023
Case Number
Southern District of Texas

Assets: $1B-$10B

Liabilities: $1B-$10B

Health Care Business

On May 15, 2023 Acute Management, LLC Jointly Administered under 23-90342. and affiliates filed for chapter 11 protection in the Southern District of Texas (Case No. 23-90341). The Debtor reports Assets of $1B-$10B and Liabilities of $1B-$10B. The Petition states funds will be available to Unsecured Creditors.

Per Claims Agent:
Debtor Represented by:

Rebecca Blake Chaikin

Jackson Walker LLP

Affiliated Entities:
Acute Management, LLC
Envision Healthcare Corporation
Children's Anesthesia Associates, Inc.
San Antonio NSC, LLC
Clinical Partners Management Company, LLC
Sheridan Healthcorp, Inc.
Parity Healthcare, Inc.
AmSurg New Port Richey FL, Inc.
Centennial Emergency Physicians, LLC
Anesthesiology Associates of Tallahassee, Inc.
AmSurg Torrance, Inc.
Radiology Staffing Solutions, Inc.
Medi-Bill of North Florida, Inc.
APH Laboratory Services, Inc.
Sheridan Healthy Hearing Services, Inc.
Southeast Perinatal Associates, Inc.
Arizona Perinatal Care Centers, LLC
Sentinel Healthcare Services, LLC
EmCare Anesthesia Providers, Inc.
Long Beach NSC, LLC
Phoenix Business Systems, LLC
Sheridan Holdings, Inc.
Radstaffing Management Solutions, Inc.
Reimbursement Technologies, Inc.
Boca Anesthesia Service, Inc.
AmSurg Naples, Inc.
Partners in Medical Billing, Inc.
AmSurg, LLC
Tennessee Valley Neonatology, Inc.
AmSurg Physicians Arizona, LLC
Spotlight Holdco LLC
Austin NSC, LLC
Sheridan Leadership Academy, Inc.
Sheridan Anesthesia Services of Virginia, Inc.
Desert Mountain Consultants in Anesthesia, Inc.
Sunbeam Asset LLC
Streamlined Medical Solutions LLC
AmSurg Physicians HoldCo, LLC
North Florida Anesthesia Consultants, Inc.
Anesthesiologists of Greater Orlando, Inc.
Kenwood NSC, LLC
EmCare of California, Inc.
Sheridan InvestCo, LLC
Tampa Bay NSC, LLC
Sun Devil Acquisition LLC
Sheridan Anesthesia Services of Louisiana, Inc.
BestPractices, Inc.
AmSurg Temecula II, Inc.
MSO Newco, LLC
Proven Healthcare Solutions of New Jersey, LLC
Coastal Anesthesiology Consultants, LLC
Apex Acquisition LLC
Rose Radiology, LLC
AmSurg Ocala, Inc.
AmSurg Northwest Florida, Inc.
Sheridan Healthcare, LLC
Northwood Anesthesia Associates, L.L.C.
Sheridan CADR Solutions, Inc.
Jupiter Anesthesia Associates, L.L.C.
EHR Management Co.
AmSurg Scranton PA, Inc.
Emergency Medical Services LLC
Twin Falls NSC, LLC
Tiva Healthcare, Inc.
Towson NSC, LLC
AmSurg Pottsville PA, LLC
EmCare, LLC
Valley Anesthesiology Consultants, Inc.
Emergency Medicine Education Systems, Inc.
AmSurg Suncoast, Inc.
AmSurg Temecula CA, Inc.
EmCare Physician Providers, Inc.
EMS Management LLC
Templeton Readings, LLC
EmCare Holdings, LLC
Bethesda Anesthesia Associates, Inc.
NAC Properties, LLC
AmSurg Palmetto, Inc.
Sheridan ROP Services of Florida, Inc.
St. Lucie Anesthesia Associates, LLC
Sheridan Children's Healthcare Services of Lo
New Generations Babee Bag, Inc.
Physician Account Management, Inc.
Sheridan Radiology Management Services, Inc.
Coral Springs NSC, LLC
Sheridan Anesthesia Services of Alabama, Inc.
Austin NSC, LP
Sheridan Radiology Services, Inc.
EmCare Physician Services, Inc.
Affilion, Inc.
AmSurg San Antonio TX, Inc.
Torrance NSC, LLC
KMAC, Inc.
Chandler Emergency Medical Group, L.L.C.
QRx Medical Management, LLC
NSC West Palm, LLC
Broad Midwest Anesthesia, LLC
Sheridan Healthcorp of California, Inc.
MedAssociates, LLC
Alpha Physician Resources, L.L.C.
AmSurg Abilene Eye, Inc.
All Women's Healthcare of Dade, Inc.
All Women's Healthcare, Inc.
All Women's Healthcare Holdings, Inc.
American Emergency Physicians Management, Inc.
AmSurg Abilene, Inc.
EmCare Holdco, LLC
Sheridan ROP Services of Alabama, Inc.
North Florida Perinatal Associates, Inc.
AmSurg Oakland CA, Inc.
Phoenix Physicians, LLC
Sheridan Children's Healthcare Services of Ar
Sheridan Children's Healthcare Services of Ke
Discovery Clinical Research, Inc.
Pinnacle Consultants Mid-Atlantic, L.L.C.
AmSurg Anesthesia Management Services, LLC
AmSurg Altamonte Springs FL, Inc.
All Women's Healthcare Services, Inc.
AmSurg San Luis Obispo CA, Inc.
All Women's Healthcare of Sawgrass, Inc.
Bravo Reimbursement Specialist, L.L.C.
NSC Healthcare, Inc.
Medical Information Management Solutions, LLC
Millennium Vision Surgical, LLC
Sheridan Hospitalist Services of Florida, Inc.
Physician Office Partners, Inc.
AllegiantMD, Inc.
All Women's Healthcare of West Broward, Inc.
Jupiter Healthcare, LLC
Drs. Ellis, Rojas, Ross & Debs, Inc.
ED Solutions, LLC
Provider Account Management, Inc.
Davis NSC, LLC
Bay Area Anesthesia, L.L.C.
Sheridan ROP Services of Virginia, Inc.
Practice Account Management Services, LLC
Acute Management, LLC Jointly Administered under 23-90342.
Company Information:

1A Burton Hills Boulevard

Nashville, TN 37215

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Description: offers innovative healthcare solutions for medical professionals, clinics and hospitals. They specialize in medical billing, claims management, and electronic health record services. They also offer revenue cycle management, practice...
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