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AeroFarms Danville, LLC

Filing Date
June 8, 2023
Case Number
District of Delaware

On June 08, 2023 AeroFarms Danville, LLC filed for chapter 11 protection in the District of Delaware (Case No. 23-10744). The Petition states funds will be available to Unsecured Creditors.

Per Claims Agent:
Debtor Represented by:

Stuart M. Brown

DLA Piper LLP (US)

Company Information:

1526 Cane Creek Parkway

Ringgold, VA 24586

Map to Debtor
AeroFarms is a company that specializes in indoor vertical farming, providing aeroponic growing systems to produce plants without sun or soil. They are an award-winning vertical farming company passionately solving agriculture's biggest challenges, gro...
Food Products

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