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Bittrex, Inc.

Filing Date
May 8, 2023
Case Number
District of Delaware

On May 08, 2023 Bittrex, Inc. filed for chapter 11 protection in the District of Delaware (Case No. 23-10598).

Per Claims Agent:
Debtor Represented by:

Robert S. Brady

Young, Conaway, Stargatt & Taylor, LLP

Company Information:

701 5th Ave.

Suite 4200

Seattle, WA 98104

Map to Debtor
Bittrex is a secure, reliable and advanced cryptocurrency exchange platform that offers trading services for more than 190 cryptocurrencies. They provide a user-friendly interface, advanced trading tools, and low fees to help traders buy and sell their...
Internet Software & Services

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Press Release:
Note: we do not represent the Debtor in this case and this information is obtained from automated sources and may not be 100% accurate.
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