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Boynton Beach Real Estate, LLC

Filing Date
June 1, 2023
Case Number
Southern District of Texas

Assets: $1B-$10B

Liabilities: $1B-$10B

Health Care Business

On June 01, 2023 Boynton Beach Real Estate, LLC and affiliates filed for chapter 11 protection in the Southern District of Texas (Case No. 23-90621). The Debtor reports Assets of $1B-$10B and Liabilities of $1B-$10B. The Petition states funds will be available to Unsecured Creditors.

Per Claims Agent:
Debtor Represented by:

Javier Gonzalez, Jr

Jackson Walker, LLP

Affiliated Entities:
Carolina Regional Cancer Center, LLC
Boynton Beach Real Estate, LLC
Company Information:

2270 Colonial Blvd.

Fort Myers, FL 33907

Map to Debtor
GenesisCare is a healthcare provider that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other diseases in the US. They offer personalized cancer treatments based on individual patient needs.
Health Care Providers & Services

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